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A Message from Our CEO

Maureen CadwellThank you for visiting Weston County Health Services website. We are extremely proud of our exceptional staff and facilities, but most of all, we are proud of the quality patient care that we provide to our patients and residents and their families.

Weston County Health Services is a Hospital District in the state of Wyoming that is comprised of a 12 bed, critical access hospital, 58 bed Nursing Home, and Home Health department that serves the Weston County area in northeastern Wyoming.  We strive to offer top of the line health care services of Emergency Room, In-Patients, Laboratory, Radiology, Therapy, Cardiac Rehab, Nursing Home and Home Health to our patients who live in this rural setting. In addition, a number of specialty physicians visit our facility on a weekly or monthly basis.

From wellness and prevention to the common cold or serious illness, our physicians and staff continue to recognize their responsibility to serve our customers with the highest standards of compassionate, convenient, and cost effective health care.

I welcome you to explore our website any time you need additional information regarding the services that we provide, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Maureen Cadwell, CEO


Weston County Health Services Executive Staff

Piper Allard, Director of Patient Services Piper Alard

JoAnn Farnsworth, Quality DirectorJoAnn Farnsworth

Carmen Allison, Director of Home HealthCarmen Allison

Allison Farella, Director of Long Term CareAllison Farella

Charlie Turner, Director of Human ResourcesComing Soom



Board of Directors

WESTON COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT dba WESTON COUNTY HEALTH SERVICES Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the hospital. Board Education begins at 5:30 p.m. In 2019, the WCHS Board of Trustees made a resolution to extend the board to seven members.

Connie James- President 2024
Georgenna Materi – Secretary 2022
LeAnn Kenagy;- Treasurer 2024
Jeff Virchow – Trustee 2022
Mike Ratigan- Trustee 2022
Lisa Foster – Trustee 2024
Dr. Lanny Reimer – Trustee 2024


Board Minutes and Annual Budget

The links below link to pdf documents that require a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to view the files.

January 2016 Special Board Minutes
February 2017 Special Board Minutes
May 2017 Special Board Minutes
February 2018 Special Board Minutes</br />April 2020 Special Board Minutes</br />May 2020 Special Board Minutes

January 2016 Board Minutes
February 2016 Board Minutes
March 2016 Board Minutes
April 2016 Board Minutes
May 2016 Board Minutes
June 2016 Board Minutes
July 2016 Board Minutes
August 2016 Board Minutes
September 2016 Board Minutes
October 2016 Board Minutes
November 2016 Board Minutes
December 2016 Board Minutes
January 2017 Board Minutes
February 2017 Board Minutes
March 2017 Board Minutes
April 2017 Board Minutes
May 2017 Board Minutes
June 2017 Board Minutes
July 2017 Board Minutes
August 2017 Board Minutes
September 2017 Board Minutes
October 2017 Board Minutes
November 2017 Board Minutes
December 2017 Board Minutes
January 2018 Board Minutes
February 2018 Board Minutes
March 2018 Board Minutes
April 2018 Board Minutes
May 2018 Board Minutes
June 2018 Board Minutes
July 2018 Board Minutes
August 2018 Board Minutes
September 2018 Board Minutes
October 2018 Board Minutes
November 2018 Board Minutes
December 2018 Board Minutes
January 2019 Board Minutes
February 2019 Board Minutes
March 2019 Board Minutes
April 2019 Board Minutes
May 2019 Board Minutes
June 2019 Board Minutes
July 2019 Board Minutes
August 2019 Board Minutes
September 2019 Board Minutes
October 2019 Board Minutes
November 2019 Board Minutes
December 2019 Board Minutes
January 2020 Board Minutes
February 2020 Board Minutes
March 2020 Board Minutes
April 2020 Board Minutes
May 2020 Board Minutes


Weston County Health Services Staff

At Weston County Health Services our medical staff is comprised of a variety of health care professionals that are devoted to your health and well-being and dedicated to our mission of providing health care excellence to the community in which they serve.


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