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Emergency Preparedness

On this page you will find helpful information for disaster situations.

For community members that are not signed up for Code Red you can do so through this link: https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/96BBEDCB57B2This picture shows you what you will see when you click on the link. Emergency messages will be sent to your home phone, cell phone, email – whatever information you provide to them. Drop down boxes make the form easy to complete. If it doesn’t recognize you address a map will be provided for you to pin your location. Even if it is not exact that is okay. If anyone has problems please feel free to call the Emergency Manager Gilbert Nelson by email at wchls@rtconnect.com or by calling the office at 746-4315.

Hazardous Response Capabilities

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards are dangerous and can be life-threatening to local communities and people who work in the area. Often there is little or no advance warning to prepare and evacuate to safety.

FEMA has programs and resources to help communities prepare for and understand the risks.