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Medical Imaging

Full-Service Radiology, 3D Mammography, Ultrasound & Medical Imaging

Diagnostic imaging helps physicians diagnose patient conditions. Our imaging modalities allow a variety of ways to look at and into the human body, help all health care providers to diagnose conditions. We employ trained professionals and use state of the art equipment. Our partnership with Dakota Radiology helps us to provide exceptional service to patients requiring imaging services.

Siemens Somatom Prespective 64 slice CT Scanner

Our clinical faculty comprised of physicians providing…

*3D Screening Mammography – is available in Weston County!! Please call 307-746-3704 to make an appointment.

*X-Ray – We use a General Electric Digital Radiology system so all our images are digital and can be electronically transmitted to a number of area physicians.

*(CT) – Computed Tomography Radiology Test – we have a 64 slice Siemens CT scanner that allows for faster scanning times and provides software for digital reconstruction.

*Ultrasound – We provide ultrasound services for a variety of health issues.

*Mobile Echo-cardiogram – Once a month we provide mobile echo-cardiograms and a variety of arterial and venous studies.

*(MRI) – Mobile Magnetic resonance imaging– Weekly mobile MRI is available.

GE X-Ray Machine